Sneakbox Alice Hotswap PCBs
Sneakbox Alice Hotswap PCBs
Sneakbox Alice Hotswap PCBs

Sneakbox Alice Hotswap PCBs

Sneakbox Design
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Ever wanted to an easier way to assemble an Alice keyboard, or easily re-use your precious switches? 

This is a versatile Alice-layout PCB designed by Sneakbox. It features hotswap sockets for most of the conventional key positions, along with a couple surprises!

- PCB contour is compatible with many Alice-layout cases, but check whether your existing case supports the type of USB connector and the proper orientation of USB connector as offered here. 
- Offered as USB-C, either positioned on TOP of the PCB or the BOTTOM of the PCB. 
- Hot Swap Sockets! So HOT!
- Bonus switch positions on board without hotswap: split backspace, split right shift
- Escape position (top left position) supports rotary encoder with push button, and it's still MX hotswap! (rotary encoder not included)

- Hotswap on right shift, with option for solderable split right shift.

- QMK compatible
- Comes pre-loaded with VIA compatible firmware. 
  NOTE TO VIA USERS: This PCB is not yet officially added to the VIA repository. To configure this PCB in VIA, please refer to the SneakboxKB Github:

- PCB with USB-C orientation of your selection
- 3 white through-hole LEDs (soldering required)