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AVA Keyboard

AVA Keyboard

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- AVA Rotary Knob & Encoder
- Wrist Rest
- AVA EVA Case Foam
- AVA Switchplate
- AVA Extra Silicone Feet


AVA is Sneakbox's iteration of the famed Alice keyboard layout. Priority in AVA's design was given to a dedicated arrow cluster and overall case symmetry. 

AVA Keyboard Features
- 6 degree typing angle
- Seamless appearance: top shell sits completely around the bottom shell.
- Blocked 4-key nav cluster on left
- Blocked arrow cluster on bottom right
- R Shift is removed
- Ergo angle: 12-degree chiseled chin
- Tabbed "gasket" mounted switchplate. Gasket material adheres to plate tabs

Hardware Included with AVA Case (listed in price above): 
- Top + Bottom case shell
- 5x 10mm M3 screws, 2x 14mm M3 screws
- 6x silicone feet matched to case color as follows:
     Silver = Light Gray Feet
     Black =Black Feet
     E-White = Light Gray Feet
     E-Yellow = Yellow Feet
     Polycarbonate = Light Gray Feet)
- Switchplate-mounting silicone gaskets, three full sets included (white, gray, yellow)
- Case Bottom Badge/Weight (Sandblasted Brass, Electroplated Brass, PVD Surface Steel, Translucent Polycarbonate)

NOTE: This sale item price above does not include additional components, such as PCB, Switchplate, Rotary knobs, Wrist Rests, or Zipper Carry Case. Additional components may be necessary for complete AVA assembly (such as PCB, Switchplate), and will added to cart as a separate item.  


The AVA circuitboard (PCB) is required for AVA keyboard function. 

Two AVA PCB variants are offered:

- The HOTSWAP version is designed for rapid keyboard building and allows for easy reclamation of MX switches. There are some alternate key positions and features possible with this variant, but require soldering (split backspace, rotary encoder)

- The SOLDERED version includes all switch position options of the hotswap PCB, but also includes options to switch the alt/space positions on each side of the spacebar cluster.  

The key layouts possible with the AVA PCB are shown below:


PCB Features:
- Hotswap (kailh hotswap sockets) and Solderable versions
- Atmel 32u4, QMK, comes pre-flashed for VIA (
- Underglow RGB for all variants. 
- 3 LED indicator lights, pre-installed on hotswap PCB only.
- Rotary encoder footprint at Esc position
- Split 1u backspace possible (requires soldering on both hotswap and non-hotswap versions)
- Flipped Alt+Spacebar arrangement is possible on soldered PCB only
- Unique "Salvage" switch footprints to help recover key function in case of hotswap socket damage (requires soldering)

Other Add-Ons Are Available
- Case Foam

- Rotary Encoders


- Wrist Rests

- Zipper Carry Cases


- UPS within United States, DHL internationally
- Shipping cost based on weight and destination country.
- US Postal Service only to US territories and APO/FPO if other carrier options aren't available.

Product Notes:
- Due to the anodizing process, anodizing colors may vary. Some color variance is unavoidable.


Re-finished "A-minus" Polycarbonate Cases

Units that had varnish issues were taken out of circulation and processed by uniformly stripping off the varnish coating. The end result of most units is very close to A-stock, though here and there there may be slight blemishes, so be aware. A consequence (or benefit) of removing the varnish coating is the direct exposure of polycarbonate to sunlight, so over time it may be more susceptible to UV exposure. On the other hand, the shell may be much easier to recolor, should that be a desired option.

See picture below


B-Stock Items:

- Some badges are being offered at a reduced price. These badges have minor cosmetic blemishes/dents and do not affect the function of the item. Affected items contain (but are limited to): 
    - Hairline plating blemishes
    - Plating irregularities such as bumps or rippling
    - Minor dents
    - Minor scratches



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