This page is for current information regarding status of pre-orders/group buys that have not yet been fulfilled or are in process of fulfillment. For information regarding items sold as in-stock or for past products, please visit the Sneakbox discord, or contact us directly. 


[GB Purchase Period] Alyssia by Patty

This is a project collaboration with Patty from


  • The group buy period has opened





[COMPLETED] Katsu Macropad Shell

This is a project collaboration with Pekoms on the Waifu Works discord. The macropad shell was posted for private group buy and group buy period is now complete as of Sept 20, 2023 Project consists of a Red or Purple shell, with acrylic front and back windows, total of 15 units. Also a 21mm diameter PVD plated brass rotary knob was also manufactured, with some extra knobs being produced This project does NOT include a PCB, which was designed by katsu.


  • All outstanding orders have been packed and should be in transit to group buy participants, including orders requiring additional components
  • A separate package containing updated knob sleeve inserts has been dispatched to customers who received earlier Red shell shipments. These new inserts have already been packaged into purple shell orders prior to dispatch.  
  • As all components have been shipped to customers, this group buy is marked as COMPLETED


  • Purple shells have completed reanodizing and are in route back to me
  • Some components requested by customers have not yet been received for specific orders.  



  • Shells were received. The red units look good. Purple: due to unacceptable anodizing spots, the purple shells have been sent back for re-anodizing. Hopefully they will be done in 2-3 weeks and shipped back. .
  • Red shells are being shipped today. A few orders have other items to be shipped alongside including PCBs which I am awaiting receipt of prior to shipment. 


Brass knobs

  • order paid in full already, manufacturing was started at the beginning of group buy period 9/9/2023, manufacturing now complete, QC being done, shipment has not commenced.
  • upon receipt I will be fitting 3d-printed inserts to accommodate both D-style encoder stems as well as 10mm long and 15mm long friction-fit encoder stems
  • Will make final determination on length of grub screw and order a sufficient quantity in case the ones I have aren't proper
  • Order submitted to manufacturer, paid in full.
  • CNC machining in process
Availability of extras dependent upon final QC.