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[Pre-Order] Signature Plastics DCS BAE and 10u with Carter

[Pre-Order] Signature Plastics DCS BAE and 10u with Carter

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This is a Pre-order, transitioning to in-stock sale of SP DCS BAE and 10u run with Carter @cartersrush (

Expected turnaround time 10 weeks (as of 2/25/2024), the order has been paid in full already. Fulfillment will commence upon receipt of the shipment from Signature Plastics, and any other products included in the pre-order will not ship until the keycaps are received. 


These keycaps are being manufactured by Signature Plastics and are expected to follow their standard production quality. For issues with any units purchased, please contact us.

DCS keycaps, ABS material, double-shot injection, Gorton Font for BAE legends. 

DCS is a standard profile Signature Plastics keycap analogous to Cherry profile with some notable differences that include: 
- DCS has more rounded corners than Cherry/OEM profile
- for DCS, the sprue mark (spot where molten plastic is injected into the keycap mold then trimmed) can be visible on the bottom edge of the front face (face looking at the user). 

These keycaps utilize standard Signature Plastics ABS colors.

Pre-order Pricing:

  • BAE keycaps all colors $3.60 each.
  • 10u spacebar $4.20 each.

DCS BAE: MX stems positioned to ANSI key positions (centered 1.5u pipe mx stem, centered 2.25u ANSI enter stem and stabilizer stems). 

DCS 10u Spacebar: Centered 7u MX stems and stabilizer positions

These pre-order prices are set below the quantity-based unit price from the original group buy interest check. Prices expected to increase by 10% once sold as in-stock, barring any production/shipment issues.

This project started with Carter's interest in launching a Signature Plastics 9009 Extensions pack with stepped Mods as well as a 10u spacebar and BAE key. The stepped mods didn't make the necessary MOQ, but the project transitioned to a pre-order and I added additional BAE colors for upcoming projects. 

See color charts for requested BAE and spacebar colors. 

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