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Alice Switchplates

Alice Switchplates

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Disclaimer: A number of customers have alerted me that this switchplate as produced does not fit the following keyboard cases owing to slightly inward offset screw tabs: Nunu, Fallacy.

As far as I can tell, this switchplate fits the original TGR alice based in testing. Beyond this and the Sneakbox MGA I can't make any guarantee that it will fit keyboard shells from other makers. 


A variety of Alice-layout switchplates for use with Sneakbox MGA cases or your existing Alice case!

Materials offered:

- T5 Aluminum Alloy, NOTE: Aluminum is rough-finished and is being offered as a bargain option at the lowest price possible. If you are expecting a plate without scratches, I would recommend purchasing an aluminum plate from another vendor or selecting another option below. 
- Brass (current version is electroplated for anti-tarnish)
- POM/Acetal, Black
- Polycarbonate, Sandblasted Translucent
- FR4, black surface paint, basic plate (coming soon).

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