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PCB Variant

The AVA circuitboard (PCB) is required for AVA keyboard function. It can be purchased by itself without a case (limit one extra PCB per AVA keyboard order). 

Two PCB variants are offered:

- The HOTSWAP version is designed for rapid keyboard building and allows for easy reclamation of MX switches. There are some alternate key positions and features possible with this variant, but require soldering (split backspace, rotary encoder)

- The SOLDERED version includes all switch position options of the hotswap PCB, but also includes options to switch the alt/space positions on each side of the spacebar cluster.  

The key layouts possible with the AVA PCB are shown below:


- Hotswap (kailh hotswap sockets) and Solderable versions
- Atmel 32u4, QMK, comes pre-flashed for VIA (
- Underglow RGB for all variants. 
- 3 LED indicator lights, pre-installed on hotswap PCB only.
- Rotary encoder footprint at Esc position
- Split 1u backspace possible (requires soldering on both hotswap and non-hotswap versions)
- Flipped Alt+Spacebar arrangement is possible on soldered PCB only

- UPS within United States, DHL internationally
- Shipping cost based on weight and destination country.
- US Postal Service only to US territories and APO/FPO if other carrier options aren't available.

Product Notes:
- *No Warranty provided for damaged or detached Kailh Hotswap sockets.* 
- Hotswap PCB includes switch footprints to aid in recovery of damaged sockets, soldering experience required for repair. 


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