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AVA Keyboard Shell

AVA Keyboard Shell

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AVA is Sneakbox's iteration of the famed Alice keyboard layout. Priority in AVA's design was given to a dedicated arrow cluster and overall case symmetry. 

AVA Keyboard Features
- 6 degree typing angle
- Seamless appearance: top shell sits completely around the bottom shell.
- Blocked 4-key nav cluster on left
- Blocked arrow cluster on bottom right
- R Shift is removed
- Ergo angle: 12-degree nose
- Tabbed "gasket" mounted switchplate. Gasket material adheres to plate tabs

- Case foam available for preorder at a separate cost.
- See separate product pages for further description of the PCB and swithplates. 

- Wrist rest available for preorder at a separate cost. These wrist rests are the same as for MGA standard. If you desire a wrist rest sooner, wait until they become available through the MGA Standard restock!.

- Case feet are silicone and plan to loosely coordinate with case color (Light gray, black, dark yellow)

Hardware Included with AVA Case:
- Top + Bottom case shell
- 5x 10mm M3 screws
- 6x Rubber feet (matched as close to case color as possible)


- UPS within United States, DHL internationally
- Shipping cost based on weight and destination country.
- US Postal Service only to US territories and APO/FPO if other carrier options aren't available.

Group Buy Notes:
- Due to the anodizing process, anodizing colors may vary. Some color variance is unavoidable.
- Order will be shipped to me for inspection/QC. Depending on quality inspection, this may be a source of delay in shipment.
- Shipment to participants will be issued once QC is completed.

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