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Metal Artisans Round 2

Metal Artisans Round 2

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CNC-made metal artisans in curiously assorted shapes in a number of finishes. 


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- CNC Brass with Black PVD-coating, white epoxy infill
- Will become a store staple with various colorways planned in future runs

- Stepped design, tactility and decoration
- CNC Brass PVD-coatings: Dark gold and Silver

- Fingerprint engraving, no infill-- can be epoxy filled by end user if desired
- CNC Brass with Black PVD coating

- Raw Copper: uncoated, sandblasted. Designed for aftermarket patina. There is no inscription underneath to minimize corrosion during manufacture
- Stainless Steel: uncoated, polished. The polar opposite to copper. Durable, easy to maintain, corrosion resistant. Can be polished using polishing cloth and Cape Cod wipes.


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