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MGA v3 (2023 Release)

MGA v3 (2023 Release)

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MGA Standard is an Alice-layout keyboard case.


The special edition polycarbonate keyboard is the version 3 of the MGA standard project. 

Aluminum Shells are also now available

This project was created by popular request. This version accepts the following Sneakbox PCBs: 
  - AliceClone with *Bottom-Side* USB Socket
  - M4
  - M5 (requires separate daughterboard with USB socket)

Sneakbox Build Video available (flex build poron gasket):

Material Types:

   - CNC-milled Polycarbonate, with smudge-resistant frosted varnish coating
   - CNC Aluminum, anodized with multiple colorways. 

New features in MGA Version 3:

- Choose your plate mounting style:
    (1) "Sandwiched" gasket configuration: Ideal for optimizing flexibility and typing sound. Currently Poron- based mount. (switchplate suspended between Poron gaskets positioned above and below the switchplate tabs). Other material options are still under development. Recommend to pair with polymer switchplate and new M5 PCB.
    (2) Conventional top-shell-mounted screws: Same as V1 and V2 versions of MGA. 

- New seamless lid-cover design, with a chamfered underside profile. 

Other Features: 
- 6 degree typing angle
- USB-C - Compatible with M4 PCBs and M5 PCBs.
- Accepts classic Alice switchplates offered by Sneakbox and others derived from Yuktsi's original plate file. 
- QMK compatible, comes with support for VIA and Vial pre-flashed.
- Comes with M3 Hex case screws (you will need a 2.0mm hex screwdriver)
- Designed to accept standard Alice switchplates up to 2mm thickness. 
- Includes 6 silicone rubber feet

Full Kit Includes:
- Keyboard shell (+ badge if purchasing polycarbonate base)
- M5 PCB (Daughterboard + 1mm thick PCB) 
- 0.6mm stabilizer shims to pair with M5 Hotswap or M5 Soldered PCBs. 
- Custom-cut "forcebreak" stickers for between top and bottom shells
- Choose 1 Switchplate: Aluminum, Polycarbonate, Acetal/POM (black), Electroplated brass (add +$35)
- Poron Gasket (for plate sandwich mount)
- NEW as of 8/04/2023: All kits will also include the new Silicone Pegmounts (akin to "Tadpole" mounting and designed for MGA v3)
- Foam: 1mm IXPE PCB surface foam with IXPE Dots for variable layout key clusters, EVA switchplate foam, EVA Bottom Case foam. Use some or all based on your preference.
- Silicone Feet
- Case Screws
- Carrying Case
- ** 1x ICE PEAK Keyboard Stand with angled chin while supplies last!

Shell-Only Units Include:
- Top and Bottom MGA v3 keyboard shell, of your choice of materials
- Poron Gasket (for plate sandwich mount)
- Custom-cut "forcebreak" stickers for between top and bottom shells
- Silicone Feet
- Case Screws
- Carrying Case



Note: Keycaps, Key Switches, and Stabilizers are shown in product pictures for example purposes but are not included in this sale bundle. 

You will need a 2.0mm Hex Screwdriver for assembly of the case

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