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MGA v3 Polycarbonate Special Edition

MGA v3 Polycarbonate Special Edition

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MGA Standard is an Alice-layout keyboard case.


The special edition polycarbonate keyboard is the version 3 of the MGA standard project. 

This project was created by popular request. Due to the manufacturing cost of polycarbonate and unique design concerns with polycarbonate, this project is being launched as a dual pre-order rolling to in-stock upon release. Perks are being offered for pre-order participants. 

This case will accept some Alice PCBs currently available with a USB-C socket oriented underneath the PCB. Of the Sneakbox line of Alice PCBs, version 3 of MGA accepts M4 PCBs, as well as the new M5 PCB with a separate USB socket daughterboard. 

Additional MGA v3 parts:


Note: Any in-stock items in the same order as the MGAv3 pre-order will be delivered upon MGAv3 fulfillment. 


- Sold as a pre-order rolling to in-stock, or until max units are sold. 
- Polycarbonate top shell with frosted varnish coating. 
- Bottom
- 6 degree typing angle
- USB-C - Compatible with M4 PCBs and M5 PCBs, as well as other Alice PCBs with USB-C port oriented on the bottom side of the circuitboard.
- QMK compatible, comes with support for VIA and Vial pre-flashed.
- Comes with M3 Hex case screws (you will need a 2.0mm hex screwdriver)
- Designed to accept standard Alice switchplates up to 2mm thickness. 
- Includes 6 silicone rubber feet

New features in MGA Version 3:
- Case now supports dual mounting choices:
    (1) Sandwich gasket configuration (switchplate suspended between Poron gaskets positioned above and below the switchplate tabs). This mounting method allows for some flexibility of plate travel
    (2) Conventional top shell screw-in switchplate mounting as with V1 and V2 versions of MGA. 
- Internal case allows more downward "flex" travel of the keys and internal components, especially when paired with polymer plate and gasket-mounted
- New seamless lid-cover design, with a chamfered underside profile. 
- Support for two PCB types:
    (1) Conventional Alice PCBs with USB-C socket mounted underneath the PCB
    (2) New PCBs with separate USB-C socket daughterboard.

Full kit Includes:
- Keyboard shell (+ badge if purchasing polycarbonate base)
- PCB (Daughterboard + 1mm thick PCB) (no PCB option:  subtract $30)
- Choose 1 Switchplate: Aluminum, Polycarbonate, Acetal/POM (black), Electroplated brass (add +$35), no plate option (subtract $30)
- Poron Gasket (for plate sandwich mount)
- Silicone Feet
- Case hardware (also allows for plate top mount)
- Carrying Case

Note: Keycaps, Key Switches, and Stabilizers are shown in product pictures for example purposes but are not included in this sale bundle. 

You will need a 2.0mm Hex Screwdriver for assembly of the case

- Full Kit Earlybird Pre-order (expires 9/24/2022): Get $25 off + free MGA/AVA wrist rest + Ice Peak Alice display stand! (EARLYBIRD PRICING HAS EXPIRED. MID-SALE PRICING NOW ACTIVE)
- Mid-Sale pricing: (Expires Nov 30, 2022): Buy a full kit and get free choice of either Ice Peak Alice Display stand, or MGA/AVA wrist rest (some wrist rest options cost extra)


Expected Fulfillment date:
- Late Dec 2022. 

Production Status:
9/26/2022: Currently, top shells are in production.

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