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Sneakbox Alice Hotswap PCBs for Layered Cases

Sneakbox Alice Hotswap PCBs for Layered Cases

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IMPORTANT for AliceClone PCBs: *No Warranty, Returns, or Exchanges* will be honored for issues related to hotswap damage.

This policy is effective 9/29/2021. For those unaware, Kailh hotswap sockets are common but delicate. Care must be used to properly line up the switch pins before pushing the switch into place. Having a hotswap socket detach from the circuit board during keyboard assembly is not a result of any manufacturing defect, but a property of how these hotswap sockets are designed by Kailh. Also, with repeated installation of switches, the metal socket connectors can become loose, and can be easily bent back into position using a fine needle to press the leaves closed. 


Ever wanted to an easier way to assemble an Alice keyboard, or easily re-use your precious switches? 

This is a versatile Alice-layout PCB designed by Sneakbox. It features pre-assembled hotswap sockets for most of the conventional key positions, along with a couple surprises!




Current PCB Version: 6.03 (ver 4+5 were internal developments)

     - Absolutely no soldering necessary for standard layout use and for LEDs. 
     - Switch alignment issues from ver 3 have been fixed (offset semicolon position).
     - Through-hole white indicator LEDs are PRE-INSTALLED
     - Powered by QMK
     - RGB Underglow. THIS IS NOT PER-KEY RGB. Here is a comprehensive reddit thread explaining the difference between Underglow and Per-Key RGB
     - Switch footprints are lined with metal plating for salvage use in case of Hotswap failure-- even if socket breaks off, the switch can be soldered into position. 
     - Right shift split positions (1.75u + 1u) are hotswapped! Please see picture below. NOTE: the stabilizer holes cannot be used for the full 2.75u right shift until the hotswap sockets for the split positions are removed first!

     - Pre-loaded firmware supports dynamic key assignment using VIA (not yet merged into main build as of 9/29/2021, does not support rotation modification), and Vial (works without additional files required, also supports changing rotation functions!)
    - Please be aware that some layered cases may not provide enough underneath clearance for the hotswap sockets, and thus the AliceClone PCB may not fit. Check with your desired casemaker.  

- Previous PCB Version: 3.00
     - No RGB.
     - For this release, Rotary knob rotation is mapped to Arrow Up/Down by default. This can be changed by re-flashing the firmware. 
- PCB contour is compatible with many Alice-layout cases, but check whether your existing case supports the type of USB connector and the proper orientation of USB connector as offered here. 
- Offered as USB-C, either positioned on TOP of the PCB or the BOTTOM of the PCB. 
- Hot Swap Sockets! So HOT!
- Bonus switch positions on board without hotswap: split backspace, split right shift. (THESE POSITIONS REQUIRE SOLDERING)
- Escape position (top left position) supports rotary encoder with push button, and it's still MX hotswap! (rotary encoder not included)

- Hotswap on right shift, with option for solderable split right shift.

- QMK compatible

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