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Disarray PCB

Disarray PCB

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SUMMER SALE IN-STOCK ITEMS. These are extra PCBs from the completed Disarray Group Buy.

The Disarray PCB requires soldering

Two main versions: Staggered key layout, and ortholinear layout. See above pictures for key configuration for each board layout. The basic PCBs comes as either white solder mask with black silkscreen trace pattern inked on it, or else a black solder mask with white silkscreen trace pattern inked on it. 

A special version of the staggered layout is being produced using black FR4 substrate with clear soldermask, allowing for the actual copper traces to be seen. This special edition FR4 PCB is priced at $100. 

All PCBs come pre-assembled (diodes and resistors, etc) except you will need to bring and solder you own MX switches and install your own MX-compatible stabilizers. 

Powered by QMK (ATmega 32U4)
Staggered PCB supports ISO, Split Backspace, Left ISO/Shift-JIS Small shift and extra key.

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