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Wrist Rest for Prime_Elise

Wrist Rest for Prime_Elise

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Wood Species

Elise group buy has ended, but there's one last order of business!

A matching wrist rest.

So here it is! The Prime_Elise Wrist Rest

This wrist rest is CNC-milled with a 6-degree incline, meant to fit flush with the contoured chin of the Prime Elise, but will likely work with your own custom Elise case with an 8-degree angled chin.

Each wrist rest is milled from your choice of these natural hardwoods:
- Maple
- Oak
- Zebrawood
- Cherry
- Black Walnut
- Wenge

Six degree incline to match the Prime_Elise

Wrist rest is finished with polyurethane varnish and left unstained. 

Each wrist rest will come with rubberized foam feet.

*Note: The wood for the wrist rests is naturally-sourced. Wood grain patterns may vary even in the same wood species. Also, the wood may have a tendency to bend depending on moisture and temperature conditions (particularly with less dense woods like zebrawood, less so with denser woods). However, the wrist rest should sit level with the use of the included foam rubber feet. 


Elise Group Buy Participants: 

If you have purchased a wrist rest directly from the storefront here, if you want to combine the cost of shipping with your Prime_Elise order, please message me directly on discord ( with your wrist rest order number and your original Prime_Elise order number. 

Alternatively, you can message me on discord with your Prime_Elise order number and I can add the wrist rest onto your original order. 

Hardware included with each 1 unit order:
- 1 wood wrist rest of your choice of wood species
- 4 rubberized foam bumpers 

Pre-order Notes:
Keyboard shown for demonstration purposes and is not included in the purchase of this item. 
- Wrist Rest pre-orders start: May 10, 2020 @ 00:00 CST (GMT-6)
- Pre-orders end: May 17, 2020 @ 9pm CST (GMT-6). 
- Est. shipping: Q4 2020 (Sept-Oct). Disclaimer: shipping date subject to change.
- Those who ordered a Prime_Elise and wish to bundle shipping cost of the wrist rest, please message me on discord so I can refund you any duplicate shipping. Also, your orders (keyboard and wrist rest) will be shipped altogether, unless you wish to pay separate shipping for each order. 
- This item ships from the USA. You may be responsible for payment of duty or import taxes in your country. Check with your country's local laws regarding import restrictions of natural wood items.

Group buy items are non-refundable. Cancellations not accepted.

At closing of Group Buy, bulk order will be sent to manufacturer.
Order will be shipped to me for inspection/QC. Depending on quality inspection, this may be a source of delay in shipment.
Shipment to purchasers will be issued once QC is completed.

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