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AVA Poron Plate Foam (1 piece)

AVA Poron Plate Foam (1 piece)

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Plate foam for AVA. Made from soft poron foam (softer than the AVA EVA foam) designed to be used with the Slow-recoil AVA Poron Foam Gasket sold separately. This foam is installed between the switchplate and the PCB prior to switch installation. 

Please note this item entry is for a single piece of AVA poron plate foam. 

The foam doesn't silence typing sound, rather it changes "thocky" keyboard sound profile, and fills empty gaps which makes typing sound less hollow. 

- UPS within United States, DHL internationally
- Shipping cost based on weight and destination country.
- US Postal Service only to US territories and APO/FPO if other carrier options aren't available.

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